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We are Rethink Recreate Repurpose, a thrift furniture store that offers sale and rental of restored good quality furniture that is affordable and available.

It all started with a problem

We were redesigning a property and had to dispose of all the good old furniture

We thought of giving them out and also calling cart pushers to carry them and make our client some money off it but that was far fetched and stressful 

Then we had a light bulb moment

Wouldn't it be swell if people that appreciated but could not afford a lot of new quality furniture could have access to all these previously loved furniture at an affordable price.

This would beat the prices of expensive showrooms; compete with the prices of cheap carpenters, blowing their level of quality out of the water; there would be no need to wait for coveted furniture to turn to  hand-me-downs from family + friends; and we would be helping the planet by reducing waste and carbon footprint involved in furniture making

That is how we were born and we have grown to offer:

Sale/Rental of restored good quality furniture

Furniture disposal and purchase of good quality furniture

Sale of new budget furniture and ex-display items

Sale of hardware that offers quick solutions to reinventing old furniture